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What we offer

For Enterprise

JMXR works with a variety of enterprise clients to provide strategy, guidance, and solutions for XR training. Our bespoke solutions identify areas where immersive reality training can be incorporated into existing curricula. We provide ongoing strategy for implementation, deployment, adoption techniques, and metrics. We also look to the future, developing strategies for growth and sustainability with new technologies.

As part of this service, JMXR offers prototyping, content creation, and full solution deployment.

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What we offer

For Startups

JMXR partners with emerging startups that focus on the XR space to assist with product strategy and development, funding, business development, strategic partnerships, and more. Consider us your “CXO for hire” to accelerate your growth. Our model allows you to focus more time on your core business while improving your time to market and overall success.

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JMXR now offers its Virtual and Augmented Reality Boot Camp to individuals and organizations looking to kick start their expansion into immersive learning. This comprehensive, hands-on class gives participants the tools they need to create Virtual and Augmented Reality learning content today. Please see our one-sheet for additional details.

About Us

JMXR was founded by Jeff Meador, an industry leader in XR applications for enterprise training. Jeff began his career working with Stanford’s Multimedia Laboratory in the 1990s, developing some of the first online interactive experiences for classrooms. He has maintained his passion for leveraging and extending technology to create effective and engaging methods of learning. In recent years, his focus has turned to immersive media such as virtual and augmented realities. He works directly with both enterprise and start up clients, providing a clear, straightforward path to successful implementation and adoption of immersive reality technology. He is a champion of standards, best practices, and the science of learning, having authored or co-authored several white papers for the VR/AR Association in support of using immersive reality to augment traditional training. His proactive, results-oriented approach has led to numerous awards and accolades from diverse sources such as Forbes, Engadget, Time Magazine, and more.

Jeff is the co-chair of the VR/AR Association’s Training Committee and speaks at a variety of conferences and industry events. To enquire about availability for your event, please use the form below.

Jeff Meador


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