Bringing immersive reality into a training program can present a number of challenges. In this blog post, we identify some common areas of struggle and present some suggestions on how to address these challenges. Hardware Selecting hardware for Virtual or Augmented Reality can be a daunting process. New devices are being released each year with […]

Jeff Meador (JMXR) and Dan Schneider (HP) talk about building a Diversity and Inclusion training module for HP. We cover the overall project structure, how it fit into the overall curriculum, and some of the successes and challenges we saw with the project. If you’d like to see more videos like this, please subscribe to […]

Watch Jeff Meador identify the various ways you can build a successful business case for your Augmented or Virtual Reality Training program.  In this talk (given at Training 2019), he breaks down six key components of the AR/ VR business case. We’ll be presenting additional details of each of these points in upcoming blog posts.

The big difference between these two technologies is that Virtual Reality prepares learners to perform a task. Augmented Reality actively assists learners in performing a task. As with all rules, there are certainly exceptions, but this is a good starting point for discussion. Virtual Reality training completely immerses the learner in an environment and allows […]


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